DWC High School book fair

On October 12th, 2014, Dubai Women’s College High School organized a book fair.

03A variety of books ranging from fiction like the “Divergent Series” (which by the way is AWESOME) to reality stricken books like “The Kite Runner” and “A Thousand Splendid Suns” by the one and only Khalid Hosseini. It was fun, mostly because we got to skip class, 04but also because our students have an undying love for books and passion for reading that even words can’t describe. Everyone loved the showcase of new and upcoming books. Poor parents probably went bankrupt because of the speed with which the books were sold. Overall, the exhibit was a success and we want to give a shout out to the bookshop for coming to our school for three torturous days. THANKS GUYS!

Written by: Nehaa Pirzada, Grade 1205

Eid Mubarak

Eid Adha Flyer

A farewell to our mentor

Ms MayaThere are people that I meet in my travels who not only make a lasting impression, but actually change the way that I think. Such is the case with Ms. Maya Al-Hawary, the Acting Director & Principal of Dubai Women’s College High School. Ms. Maya is moving on to pursue other goals in a life rich with diverse educational experiences, but not before imparting to me the determination and focus of women in the United Arab Emirates. She could be quite an imposing presence, and I found myself saying “Yes, ma’am” to her a lot. Yet she could be warm, but just as firm, in talking about her faith. There are many observations she made to me that I will always remember, and often quote. In an e.mail to me she wrote: “It was a fruitful journey at DWCHS and it was surely a pleasure starting the first blended school in the region. I’m proud of that.” Below are some thoughts from one of her students.

-Richard Lakin

A whole year passed with a great leader who guided us and led us to be the best. Mrs. Maya Hawary was an incredible mentor and principal, considering all of her students as one of her daughters. It has been a great year with activities, assemblies, and events etc. she has planned for us. We hope her the best in her future work, futire projects and achieve her dreams. We will certainly miss her.

Thank you 

-Fatma Saud Al-Mualla, DWCHS 11th grader 

Happy Ramadan!


DWC High School 2014 graduates

“Everybody looks forward to their senior year— and now that we’ve finally arrived it feels surreal. Our high school days are over, they have come to pass.  It’s time to look towards the future that gleams with hope and opportunity. With perseverance and hard work anything can be done, high school is often considered a mixed experience. Some people love it, some people hate it but one thing is for sure— none of us can wait to graduate!”

Dana Osman

Gr. 12


Our graduating class:
Class of 2014

Maryam Rashid, Tara Mousavi, Dana Osman, Yasmine Kayed and Hana Al-Awadhi.



KHDA “WhatWorks” Seminar

KHDA holds various seminars each year that is named “WhatWorks”, where educational leaders, teachers, administrators from different schools come together to discuss and share their experience, educational philosophies and best practice.

This is their 2nd event this year and they have asked that we send five of our students to volunteer during the event.

As always, we’re so proud of our students:)



Higher Colleges of Technology Mobile Learning Conference

DWCHS and K12 were key sponsors of this event, which was organized by HCT. This is an annual international conference for over 500 participants involved in higher education, K-12 and training and development. Topics of the conference included mobile learning, big data, learning by doing, open educational resources, Arabic educational technology and the flipped classroom.DWC High School organized and presented a workshop on the Blended Learning Model adopted at the school, which brings together the best of classroom (F2F) instructional teaching and online teaching. The workshop was presented by the Principal, Ms. Maya AlHawary. The attendees gave a positive feedback and showed interest in hearing and observing more about this model.


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