Happy Ramadan!


DWC High School 2014 graduates

“Everybody looks forward to their senior year— and now that we’ve finally arrived it feels surreal. Our high school days are over, they have come to pass.  It’s time to look towards the future that gleams with hope and opportunity. With perseverance and hard work anything can be done, high school is often considered a mixed experience. Some people love it, some people hate it but one thing is for sure— none of us can wait to graduate!”

Dana Osman

Gr. 12


Our graduating class:
Class of 2014

Maryam Rashid, Tara Mousavi, Dana Osman, Yasmine Kayed and Hana Al-Awadhi.



KHDA “WhatWorks” Seminar

KHDA holds various seminars each year that is named “WhatWorks”, where educational leaders, teachers, administrators from different schools come together to discuss and share their experience, educational philosophies and best practice.

This is their 2nd event this year and they have asked that we send five of our students to volunteer during the event.

As always, we’re so proud of our students:)



Higher Colleges of Technology Mobile Learning Conference

DWCHS and K12 were key sponsors of this event, which was organized by HCT. This is an annual international conference for over 500 participants involved in higher education, K-12 and training and development. Topics of the conference included mobile learning, big data, learning by doing, open educational resources, Arabic educational technology and the flipped classroom.DWC High School organized and presented a workshop on the Blended Learning Model adopted at the school, which brings together the best of classroom (F2F) instructional teaching and online teaching. The workshop was presented by the Principal, Ms. Maya AlHawary. The attendees gave a positive feedback and showed interest in hearing and observing more about this model.

DWC High School makes a day to thank the staff

Simply “Thanking” the helpers, supervisors and security for doing an amazing job. For making sure that everyone on campus is safe and secure. For making our days happy and clean:)




A DWC High School teacher profile/ Lakshmi Priya

Ms. Lakshmi Priya is DWCHS’ math learning coach. 

DWC High School students attend workshop on stress management & nutrition

1620901_632446040126105_1064325251_nDr. Olga, our school doctor, gave an interesting and enriched lecture on prevention of diseases by simple techniques. She displayed various types of fruits which prevent constipation. She also demonstrated simple breathing exercises and yoga to relieve anxiety and improve blood circulation. The interactive section afterwards gave an excellent opportunity to clear their doubts.
Prevention is better than cure. Knowing how to eat prevents a lot of diseases. It’s not a temporary diet, but a lifelong healthy food habit. We need our younger generation to be healthy. To relieve stress you don’t need to take antidepressants,  Just make happy breathing exercises!


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